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First baby steps of School of Meaningful Experiences

We are six months old now. Read more to find out our first baby steps here… #communication #creativity #confidence #joyoflearning #curriculumfor21stcentury

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Jogging in boxer shorts!

On Saturday mornings, I drop my daughter to her dance class and then walk in a park nearby. I love that place. It has a jogging track, nice benches to … Continue reading

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This summer, teach your kids to do nothing

Why is it so hard to sit idle? Boredom can in fact be good for you. Read more to find out.

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Here’s your reward… No thank you. I don’t need it.

How much is enough and why should we be worried about this?

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School of Meaningful Experiences – the first quarter.

On Feb 20th 2019, I touched the milestone of “First Quarter” of the School of Meaningful Experiences (SoME). I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude towards God and all of … Continue reading

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It is OK not to be a Hero!

The best movie I watched this year was “Dangal” – a story of a father obsessed with a dream of making his daughters into award-winning professional wrestlers. But this blog … Continue reading

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If you are rich, you sound nice too!

I am a big fan of Farhan Akhtar. In 2001, he came out with a movie called “Dil Chahta Hai” and redefined Indian cinema. He is extremely talented and proved … Continue reading

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Wallowing in the Trough of Sorrow

All of us experience the trough of sorrows. There is no way around it. Some of us are lucky and swim out of it. But there are many like Arjun, who get sucked in and never return. #failureaintbad

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10-must-read nonfiction books for teens

Being a teacher of management subjects and an author of nonfiction myself, I curated a list of few nonfiction books for teens and shared the list in my sessions at the Kitaabo Fest. This blog is a summary of my talk

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“I’m sorry… I’m so nervous”

I know many of us dread coming on stage. We think that we will make mistakes and make a fool of ourselves. But see how Patti Smith teaches all of us a lesson on how to deal with such a situation #nervousonstage #fearoffailures #whattosaywhentoshutup

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